• Candidate Platform

Candidate Platform

Vote for Ben Koyl, Libertarian Party candidate for Illinois Attorney General. The only candidate not beholden to partisan and big money interests. More Freedom comes from Less Government. 

My four main platform points are the following:

  • Fight Corruption, Fraud, and Government Waste at the Local, County and State level;
  • Save Taxpayer Money by Streamlining Office Personnel and Technology;
  • Ballot Access for All Political Parties and Equal Access to Government for All.
  • Using the Freedom of Information Act to Hold Non-Profit Companies who Receive Taxpayer Subsidies Accountable. 

Most Importantly, I Will Faithfully Carry Out the Duties of the Illinois Attorney General as Promulgated by the Illinois Attorney General Act.

The Democrats and Republicans have had their opportunity to competently manage our government and have failed. If you are sick of the political corruption, cronyism, and waste of YOUR tax money then your vote is clear. Ben Koyl is the only candidate that will not tolerate it!

Vote Ben Koyl the Libertarian Party Candidate for Illinois Attorney General on November 14, 2014. The only candidate that will provide meaningful change.